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A number of individuals and organizations put in a lot of effort to make "Unseen Empire" possible. Here are almost all of them.

Internet of Elephants

Jake Manion - Creative and Product Direction Rafael Mares - Data and Behavioral Science Chris Bell - Unity Development Abhilash Krishnan - Testing and Analytics Anne Miltenburg - Brand Development


Luke Rollason - Content Writing Stefan Goodchild - Unity Development Nick Dymond - Sound Alec Jacobson - Editorial Writing Chris Muiruri - Web Development Globalstep - Testing Wild Ambience - Jungle sounds

Clever Franke - User Interface Design

Joost Mommers Roel de Jonge Susanne de Graaf Wouter van Dijk Thomas Clever

Science and Content
WildCRU (Zoology Dept., Oxford)

David Macdonald Dawn Burnham Amy Fitzmaurice Andrew Hearn Luca Chiaverini Jan Kamler The camera-trap images on which Unseen Empires is based were gathered during a ten year project directed by Professor David Macdonald, the founding Director of Oxford University’s WildCRU (the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit) – a part of the Department of Zoology. The fieldwork was funded largely by programmatic grants to David, and the WildCRU enjoys a close partnership with Panthera. Any project of this magnitude involves the effort of many people and supporters, and David Macdonald wishes to thank them all. In “Unseen Empire” you meet some of the field team, but back at WildCRU’s base at the Recanati-Kaplan Centre near Oxford, the team includes world-class analysts, notably Dr Sam Cushman and Dr Zaneta Kaszta, a team of interns coordinated by Amy Fitzmaurice, and the whole programme is coordinated by Dr Dawn Burnham. The whole team and its extended family is too numerous to name in person, but all are deeply appreciated. So too, our collaborators are numerous. Amongst them, it is a special pleasure that the lead conservationists with whom we collaborated in the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) offices in Myanmar, Laos and Indonesia were all alumni of the WildCRU. The following lists those organisations that have been foremost in working on, and supporting, the fieldwork on which this project has depended. WCS-Myanmar
The Nature Conservancy -Indonesia
Kerinci Seblat NP, Dit. General of KSDAE, MoEF Indonesia
World Animal Protection
RISTEK-BRIN - Indonesia
FFI-Cambodia Ministry of Environment-Cambodia
Global Canopy Programme, Sabah
Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Sabah Wildlife Department
Sabah Parks
Sabah Forestry Department
Danau Girang Field Centre, Sabah
Earthlodge, Malaysia
Wildlife Department Malaysia (Perhilitan)
Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation of Nepal

User testers

A number of friends and strangers volunteered their time to test Unseen Empire and give their feedback, which helped tremendously in making it a better experience. Ellis Bartholomeus
Marti Gant
Matt Hitchcock
Jonathan Collett
Erica Rickel
Tracey Friedlander
Amber Przbysz
John Murray
Naomi Yount
Anna Bakalova
Jan and Geoff Hayes
Erika Jiral
Claire and Matthew Haymes
Ben Rome
Dionne Rossiter


The animal and study site descriptions are based on information from a number of sources: Ecology Asia Animal Diversity E Bird Birds of the World Smithsonian National Zoo Thai National Parks Oiseaux Birds New England Primate Conservancy Beauty of Birds Global Raptors Ultimate Ungulate Future for Nature IUCN Red List Wildcru Wikipedia

Maps and Topography

Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) Version 3.0, 1 Arc-Second Global data. Available at: http://earthexplorer.usgs.gov Natural Earth - vector map data. Available at: http://www.naturalearthdata.com This project was made possible by a grant from the National Geographic Society